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Name: Jody Chin
Date of Birth: September 1977
Height/Weight:  5'5"/100+ lbs
Shoe Size: Men's 6
Place of Birth: Canton, China
Residency: New York, USA
Interests: Anime, Cats!!, Drawing, Swimming, & Japanese  Culture
Favorite Anime/Manga:        Escaflowne, Kodomo no Omocha, Whisper of the Heart, Slam Dunk, Sanctuary, Macross Plus, & Votoms 
Favorite Anime Guys:  Sendoh, Hojo, Van Farnel, Mitsui, Tamahome, & Kenshin 
Favorite Actors:  Takashi Sorimachi, Yutaka Takenouchi,  Tom Cruise, Jet Li, Louis Koo, Matt Damon, Yuji Oda, & Ryan Phillippe

Ever since I was a kid, I have loved to draw. I think that's how I ruined my eyesight, by bending too closely over sketchpads under bad light. ;p Although I love watercolors, I am better with drier mediums such as pencils and oil pastels. I took some art classes in high school and another summer course at Cooper Union Art School years ago. Gave up art as a career when I decided to go to NYU for college. Nowadays, I do some CG art whenever I have time. I really like this medium! It allows cool effects that are really hard if done manually. At this stage, I am still an amateur CG artist, learning at my very own slow pace. Since I love anime so much, naturally my drawing style has been influenced by it. Right now, I'm experimenting with other subject compositions using Photoshop. Hopefully a decent picture of my cat will be finished soon! *o*