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Q: Why do you do so much Slam Dunk fan art?
A:  Hheehe that's because I love Slam Dunk! I really like the anime, the story, and especially the guys themselves! They are all interesting characters, with compelling personalities and attractive looks. Sendoh was my first time anime guy crush. For lack of good looking pictures of him online, I thought it might be fun if I drew my own version of him. You know, like putting him in something else other than his basketball uniform. :)  Then I started doing renditions of other SD characters as well. I don't plan on stopping either--there are still so many characters I would like to do or re-do! 

Q: Besides SD Stuff, what else do you like to draw? 
A:  I really like drawing people, focusing on their outfits.  In my drawings, I pay a lot of attention to clothes because I have a very strong interest in fashion design. Also, I do a lot of free sketches of my cat in various sleeping poses.  It's not like he moves around while he's awake, but he just wouldn't cooperate. 

Q: What things do you draw well or badly? 
A:  I am good at drawing faces, clothes, and object studies. But definitely not fingers and toes! I try to avoid them whenever possible. Also, I'm better at drawing girls than guys, not really good in depicting musculature. :) 

Q: Do you have any tips on how to CG? 
A:  Not really. I am still learning Photoshop and it's a hard program to master. A long time ago I bought a book on how to use Photoshop, but I didn't like how the book was written.  The tutorials were confusing and not very helpful, so I still haven't gone through the entire thing yet. I prefer to learn at my own pace, by looking at other  fan art websites and studying other artists' CG styles and techniques.  The only advice that I can give you is to experiment with the various tools available through your art program. Try out the effects to see how each can be applied; you can then decide which ones you like and work best for you. Once you get a feel on how the basic features such as layers, blur options, and marquees work, you'll do fine! I found Chika's How to CG Page and Charles Park's CG Tips very helpful sites. Or you check out the Adobe Photoshop site for tips on how to use its program tools. 

Q: Can I put up a link to your page on my website? 
A: Yes, of course. I would be very happy if you link my page to yours to increase traffic. It would be very nice if you can e-mail after you put up a link too, so I can personally thank you.