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Kenji Fujima
April 18, 2000

Many hours were spent laboring on this CG to bring out Fujima's pretty features. I am especially happy about the way his eyes turned out. I was worried that he might look too effeminate here (especially his mouth) so I did the CG in deep autumn hues. And Fujima's jacket is green! I love that color on him since it brings out his chestnut hair so well. 

Kaede Rukawa #2
March 1, 1999

I had scanned a black and white sketch of Rukawa a long time ago. For over a year, I didn't touch it. ;p The original sketch shows Rukawa up to mid-thigh. The CG for it took forever 
and the colors just didn't turn out right. So I cropped it, stuck in a background, and changed it to a brown/black duotone. It looks a lot better than the colorized version (see pic below). 

Kaede Rukawa #1
March 1, 1999

Same as above picture except that it is in color. This is still the cropped version of my original sketch. 


Hisashi Mitsui
July 20, 1997

Did you notice the scar on Mitsui's chin? Hhehehe it's a reminder of his gangster past before he rejoined the basketball team.  By the way, that's a real GUESS? shirt he's wearing.  I saw it in a Macy's catalog and thought how good Mitsui would look in it. 


Haruko Akagi
July 18, 1997

To be honest, I always found Haruko's looks and personality to be on the dull side.  Here, I tried to dress her up in this drawing.  Luckily, I was able to maintain a certain likeness to Haruko.  I think her innoncence and girl-next-door look come through here. 


June 30, 1997

This was my quickest CG ever; it only took me 3 hours to finish! I think Ayako has really pretty features, but her looks were never played up in SD for some reason.  BTW, I really like how Ayako's hair turned out in this pic. 


Akira Sendoh 
May 4, 1997

Sendoh is my all-time favorite anime character! This is the first time I've attempted to draw him.  I think I got the eyes and the hair right, but somehow it still doesn't look like him.  Oh, I made his hair blue because I really like blue-haired anime characters. :) This pic is from my early CG days, so it suffers a bit. I'm really sorry to Sendoh fans out there. I have another Sendoh sketch which I'm planning to color later, so don't worry!