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Recently, I became an ardent fan of Japanese dramas. After years of watching melodramatic Hong  Kong and overacted Taiwanese  dramas, I was very happy when I discovered Japanese dramas. They are generally refreshing in plot and the actors often deliver admirable performances. My first drama was Emi  Wakui's "Tokyo Cinderella Story."  The drama was highly  enjoyable and I went on to see "Long Vacation,"  "Tokyo Love Story," and "Under the Same Roof",  but I did  not become a true fan until Takashi  Sorimachi's "GTO."  Besides Sorimachi  being high on  the drool factor, "GTO" was truly unique and funny.  After "GTO," I felt compelled to watch other dramas with Sorimachi in it, such as  "Beach Boys"  and "Virgin Road."  Ever since, I've discovered a wide range of great dramas and mouthwatering actors like Yutaka Takenouchi and Takashi Kashiwabara (but Sorimachi still remains my favorite actor).

If you are into j-dramas and would like to trade titles with me, by all means contact me. I prefer to trade with U.S. residents only, since international shipping can be quite a hassle.  Currently, I am looking for copies of Takashi Sorimachi's "Missenan," "Tsubasa no Kudaisai" (Please Give Me Wings), and Yuji Oda's "Odoru Daisossassen" TV episodes. My j-drama collection so far (CS indicates with Chinese subitles and ES with English subtitles):
Beach Boys CS Takashi Sorimachi, Yutaka Takenouchi TV 1-12, Special
Fly Boys Fly ES, CS Takuya Kimura, Takashi Sorimachi Movie
GTO CS Takashi Sorimachi, Nanako Matsushima TV 1-12, Special, Movie
Kori no Sekai (World of Ice) CS Yutaka Takenouchi, Nanako Matushima  TV 1-11
Itazura na Kiss (Teasing Kiss) CS Takashi Kashiwabara TV 1-10
Kiken Na Kankei ES, CS Etsushi Toyokawa, Norika Fujiwara TV 1-11
Odoru Daisossassen ES, CS Yuji Oda Movie
Virgin Road ES Takashi Sorimachi, Emi Wakui TV 1-12

**If you have j-dramas in your possession and would like to trade titles in my anime collection, that is fine with me too. However, at this time, I am not interested in strictly trading one anime title for another anime title. 

In my spare time, I watch a lot of anime too.  I am always excited whenever I discover a new series which I have not noticed before! I would read more manga too if it were not so expensive to collect entire series. These are the anime titles I have in my current collection (I'm working on making it more extensive!): 
DNA^2 TV episodes 1-13
Fushigi Yuugi TV episodes 1-36
Ghost in the Shell Movie
Kimagure Orange Road OVAs 1-6, Final Movie
Kodomo no Omocha TV episodes 1-20
Laputa: Castle in the Sky Movie
Neon Genesis Evangelion TV episodes 1-26
Only Yesterday Movie
Porco Rosso Movie
Ranma 1/2 TV episodes 1-8
Sailor Moon TV episodes, entire Part 1
Romeo's  Blue Skies TV episodes,  1-12
Sanctuary Movie
Slam Dunk TV episodes 1-10
Vision of Escaflowne TV episodes 1-26