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  April 18, 2000 Hot! Fujiima's picture newly uploaded in SD Art Gallery! Actually when I first started this CG, I had originally included Hanagata (since they are best friends, it only seems appropriate). But then I changed my mind because Fujima deserved his own individual picture! I will continue to work on the CG of the two friends and will post it as soon as it is finished.

Also updated Links Section. Removed some dead links and added exciting, new links.

  February 7, 2000 Finally another update! Heheh, added a new section called J-Collection
  May 6, 1999  Added guestbook feature
  May 1, 1999 Added Callahan picture in the Other CG Art Gallery
  April 23, 1999  Included more information in the About Me section
  April 10, 1999 Impressions: Slam Dunk Sketchbook goes online!